Smithsonian National Zoological Park l Friends of the National Zoo



FONZ Strategic Goals and Priorities

On February 27, 2007, the FONZ Board approved a new mission statement and strategic goals and priorities for FONZ.

FONZ Mission

Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ) is the dedicated partner of the National Zoological Park. FONZ provides exciting and enriching experiences to connect people with wildlife. Together with the Zoo, FONZ is building a society committed to restoring an endangered natural world.

Goal: Provide an Unsurpassed Zoo Visitor Experience

  1. Ensure that every visitor to the Zoo has an exciting, enjoyable, and enriching experience with access to outstanding visitor services, facilities, and staff.
  2. Provide excellent educational experiences to visitors that stimulate learning and passion about wildlife, nature, and conservation.
  3. Develop and host events that attract expanded audiences, strengthening the affiliation of the public with the Zoo.
  4. Achieve and maintain the highest quality communications, in print and online.

Goal: Expand the Partnership Relationship with the National Zoo and Other Partners

  1. Clarify Zoo and FONZ roles and enhance FONZ, Zoo and SI collaboration to maximize the combined strengths of all.
  2. Develop clear priority-setting processes to coordinate FONZ’s use of resources and the Zoo’s use of FONZ contributions.
  3. Communicate clearly and regularly the contribution of FONZ in advancing the goals of the Zoo to SI, FONZ members, and the general public.
  4. Strengthen and expand partnerships with corporate, governmental, non-profit, and educational entities.
  5. Be an active participant with the Zoo Advisory Board in shaping and improving capital development plans, including the zoo visitor’s point of view.

Goal: Achieve Organizational Excellence and Financial Strength

  1. Increase FONZ’s capability to generate and raise capital. Build a financial reserve that will sustain the FONZ operations; provide clear, timely, and accurate financial data.
  2. Develop and implement a business strategy to operate efficiently and effectively as a “business enterprise,” one that invests in new processes, technologies, and facilities.
  3. Increase FONZ memberships and support from a larger membership base.
  4. Expand the recruitment, training, and use of volunteers in FONZ and Zoo work. Ensure an excellent volunteer experience.
  5. Foster the care of FONZ’s human capital by maintaining competitive business practices, setting objectives and rewarding success, and providing developmental and leadership opportunities.