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Don Moore, MPA, Ph.D., Senior Scientist

Dr. Don Moore is a Smithsonian National Zoological Park senior scientist. As a Zoo senior scientist for conservation programs, he assesses and evaluates AZA Species Survival Plans (SSPs). For each Species Survival Plan that he evaluates with program leaders, he focuses on sustainability and conservation efforts in Zoos and in the wild and helps to develop ways to keep those efforts going for years to come.

Before being detailed to AZA as the Senior Scientist for Living Collection Sustainability, Dr. Moore was the Associate Director of Animal Care Sciences at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. He led the Zoo’s team of veterinarians, curators, keepers,  nutritionists, horticulturists and animal behavior professionals.  

Dr. Moore has received national and local awards for excellence in interpretation of natural history and wildlife behavior, and is passionate about climate change and actions students and others can take to help reduce global warming so that polar bears and other Arctic animals can survive for future generations.

Dr. Moore is the author of Disney’s Wonderful World of Animals, and appears as a guest scientist in Scholastic’s “Chill Out: Hot and Cold Critters” and “Adventures of Riley: Polar Bear Puzzle.” He wrote the Forward to the new Smithsonian book “The Animal Book – A visual encyclopedia of life on Earth”, a National Science Teachers Association Outstanding Science Trade Book for 2014.