Meet the Staff

It takes hundreds of full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees to run the Smithsonian's National Zoo. These devoted people are employed by the Smithsonian, Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ), and the Office of Facilities, Engineering, and Operations (OFEO). In addition, more than 1,800 dedicated volunteers support the Zoo in many ways. Find out about the Zoo's senior staff:

Executive Staff

Director, Smithsonian’s National Zoo
Dennis W. Kelly
Director, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
Steven L. Monfort
Executive Director, Friends of the National Zoo
Robert J. Lamb
Deputy Executive Director, Friends of the National Zoo
Gregory J. Melanson

Associate Directors and Senior Staff

Associate Director of Animal Care Sciences
Don Moore, MPA, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Communications
Pamela Baker-Masson
Chief Advancement Officer
Lesli A. Creedon
Associate Director of Education
Associate Director of Planning and Strategic Projects
Chuck Fillah
Associate Director of Finance and Administration
Carol Fiertz
Facilities Manager, OFEO
Daniel H. Davies
Chief Financial Officer, FONZ
Linda Michelsen
Associate Director of Membership, Marketing, and Special Events, FONZ
Mark Phillips
Acting Director of Corporate and Special Events, FONZ
Daniel Pierron
Director of Guest Services, FONZ
Rafford Seymour
Director of Human Resources, FONZ
Laurie Stroman
Director of Merchandise, FONZ
Merva Crawford

Animal Programs

Senior Curator and Acting Curator, Bird House
Ed Bronikowski
Senior Curator and Curator of Asia Trail and Giant Pandas
Brandie Smith
Curator, American Trail and Amazonia
Vincent F. Rico
Curator, Asia Trail, Cheetah Conservation Station, and Elephant House
Tony Barthel
Curator, Enrichment and Training
Curator, Great Cats and Kids' Farm
Craig Saffoe
Curator, Invertebrate Exhibit and Curator for Education, Animal Programs
Alan Peters
Curator, Primates
Steve Sarro
Temporary Curator, Reptile Discovery Center
James B. Murphy
Curator, Small Mammals
Steve Sarro
Chief Veterinarian
Suzan Murray, DVM
Supervisory Pathologist
Tim Walsh
Supervisory Nutritionist
Michael Maslanka