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Cheetah Conservation Station

Visiting the Cheetah Conservation Station

Because this is an outdoor exhibit, public access to the cheetahs follows the Zoo Grounds schedule.


Grevy's Zebras in the Snow

The Cheetah Conservation Station lets visitors see a cheetah and zebras (separated by a fence) engaged in natural behaviors in a grassland setting similar to their natural savanna habitat.

Thanks to detailed signs and a visitor education program, visitors can learn more about cheetahs and what needs to be done to help save these endangered cats from extinction.

The exhibit design allows us to conduct natural, non-invasive behavior and physiology studies in an effort to learn more about how to improve cheetah management and husbandry in a zoo setting.

The Cheetah Conservation Station runs an exercise program for the cheetah as part of the management routine in order to improve and maintain her overall physical fitness. The physical fitness routine is not a scheduled event due to conditioning limitations and unpredictable weather patterns. If the cat is being exercised, Zoo visitors are able to see this incredible sight between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m.