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Cheetah Conservation Station News

Maned Wolves No Longer on Exhibit

Oct. 26, 2015

Sadly, both of the geriatric maned wolves at the Cheetah Conservation Station recently died. 

Past Updates

Carmelita To Be Part of C2S2 Cheetah Sustainability Program

January 17, 2015

Next week, we will be transferring Carmelita from the National Zoo to the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute's Cheetah Science Facility to incorporate her into the C2S2 Cheetah Sustainability Program.

Three Dama Gazelles Born at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

March 11, 2014

The staff from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute is celebrating the birth of three male dama gazelles.

Cheetah Health Update

December 13, 2013

We are happy to announce Granger cheetah is doing well following his surgery last week and will be joining Draco and Zabini back at Cheetah Conservation Station.

Dama Gazelle Born at the Smithsonian's National Zoo

September 11, 2012

A male dama gazelle was born to mother Fahima and father Raul early morning Sept. 4 in an off-exhibit area. The following day, Sept. 5, Zoo veterinarians performed a complete physical exam, which includes: listening to the calf's heart and lungs; checking his mouth, eyes, legs, feet, umbilicus and genital area; taking blood samples; and observing the calf's mobility. He appears to be healthy and strong.