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Amazonia Exhibit Audio Tour

This tour will guide you through the Zoo's Amazonia exhibit. The tour consists of ten stops and will take about 20 minutes. You can listen to all the tour stops, beginning with the lower level of the exhibit, or just the ones you want, and you can listen at your computer, or download the tour and listen to it at the Zoo with your iPod, another MP3 player, or cell phone, if it accepts the MP3 file format.

Listen or download

Left click on a tour stop to listen now, or download one to your computer to put on another device and listen later. To download, right-click and choose "Save Target As..." or "Save File As..."

click to listenIntroduction to Amazonia

Lower level

Upper level

click to listenflooded forest

click to listenforest walk

click to listenstingrays

click to listenkapok tree

click to listengiant river fish

click to listenriver overlook

click to listenfish and seeds

click to listenbromeliad forest

click to listenfreshwater turtles


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