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American Trail News

Keepers Hand Feeding Gray Seal Pup at Smithsonian’s National Zoo

First Gray Seal Pup Born at the Zoo in 23 Years

July 2, 2014

Animal keepers at the National Zoo have been hand feeding a female gray seal pup, born January 21 at American Trail. Check here to read updates about Rona the gray seal pup!

Past Updates

Seal Splashdown at the Smithsonian's National Zoo

June 13, 2013

Check out the five new seals featured on American Trail in the new seal habitat at the Smithsonian's National Zoo.

Today’s Domestic Turkeys Are Genetically Distinct from Wild Ancestors, SCBI Researchers and Collaborators Find

November 19, 2012

Very few Americans know much about the difference between their gravy-smothered poultry and the poultry that earlier generations of Americans ate to celebrate the holiday.

SCBI Scientists Find That Humans Alter Animal Distribution on the Appalachian Trail

November 2, 2012

Every year more than 4 million people enjoy the popular Appalachian Trail, which extends from Maine to Georgia and is surrounded by forests as well as agricultural and residential development. However, just as humans depend on the land, so, too, does the native wildlife.

American Trail Opens

August 31, 2012

After five years of planning and construction, the National Zoo will open the new American Trail exhibit to the public Saturday, Sept. 1, at noon.

Smithsonian Scientist Uses Innovative Method to Predict How Forests Will Change Over Time

April 6, 2012

In a paper published in this month’s issue of BioScience, a scientist at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute explores the potential of a creative technique to look toward the future of forests.