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Join us in presenting America’s conservation success stories!

The National Zoo’s American Trail features iconic American wildlife and the conservation success stories that surround them. On American Trail, visitors not only see engaging animals in realistic habitats, they also learn about natural resource and wildlife conservation through the interpretive media that accompany each exhibit, as well as the regularly scheduled talks provided by our animal keepers and our cadre of highly-trained volunteer interpreters. As visitors leave the new American Trail, they will carry with them a greater appreciation of the magnificent wildlife that is native to our country, of our conservation successes with these animals, and of the delicate balance that it is our responsibility to protect.

American Trail offers abundant sponsorship opportunities, ranging from $5,000 to $500,000, allowing individuals, families, or companies numerous ways to show their support for American wildlife at the National Zoo. Contributions can be made over five years, and all sponsors of American Trail will receive significant recognition and benefits. Sponsor names will be displayed throughout the park for our nearly 2.5 million annual visitors and on our website, which receives nearly 20 million unique views per year.

Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Trailblazer recognition for donors providing unrestricted support to the American Trail. Contributions from Trailblazers will support landscaping, interpretive and educational displays and materials, animal acquisitions, the renovation of the animal keeper building, and ongoing facility and habitat maintenance.
  • An interactive tide pool in the seals and sea lions exhibit. The tide pool will engage youngsters by allowing them to get their feet wet and play amid the realistic rockwork, waves, and animal sculptures.
  • Animal exhibits, including
    • Seals and sea lions
    • Gray wolves
    • Bald eagles
    • North American beavers
    • River otters
    • Brown pelicans
    • Ravens
  • Interpretive features, including
    • Animal sculptures
    • Interactive educational games and signage throughout the trail

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, contact Virginia Kromm at (202) 633-3032, or email krommv@si.edu.