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Clouded leopards are bred at the Zoo's Front Royal, Virginia. They are part of an international program to conserve the species, which is threatened by deforestation and hunting.

Clouded Leopards Need You!

National Zoo scientists and their colleagues around the world are aggressively working to save this species from decline. One of their goals is to create a genetically diverse population, and the birth of numerous cubs in the past years is a major cause for celebration. In fact, the Zoo's Virginia facility holds the largest population of clouded leopards in North America.

We're delighted to present cams, courtesy of CGH Technologies Inc., so people can watch and learn about these beautiful cats.

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Watching Clouded Leopard Cubs: A genetically valuable litter of two cubs was born at the Zoo’s Virginia facility on Valentine’s Day 2010! You can see them in their incubator. Due to deforestation and hunting, clouded leopards are listed as “vulnerable to extinction.” National Zoo scientists working at our Virginia campus hope to create a genetically diverse population of these little-known cats. In the past 30 years, more than 76 clouded leopards have been born here.

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