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Meet the Asia Trail Animals

Giant Pandas

These black-and-white bears make different vocalizations at different times in their life. What do they sound like?

Meet the Zoo's pandas

Sloth Bears

A sloth bear uses its lips like a vacuum, making rapid, loud "kerfump" noises as it sucks insects from their nests.

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Asian Small-clawed Otters

Small-clawed otters have a vocabulary of a dozen or more calls. What does one call sound like?

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Fishing Cats

Fishing cats are nocturnal and elusive but you can watch them fishing right now.

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Clouded Leopards

With a tail nearly as long as its body and an ability to leap from one tree limb to another, the clouded leopard is a wonderful animal to watch.

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Red Pandas

Red pandas are engaging, bamboo-eating animals that resemble raccoons and share parts of their Asian habitats with giant pandas.

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Elsewhere at the Zoo

Przewalski's Horses, native to Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia, and China, can also be seen at the Zoo off of Olmsted Walk. Learn more