National Zoo scientists' studies of birds begins at the Zoo and takes them around the world to help ensure that we know what birds and their habitats need to survive in the modern world.

Migratory Bird Center

Bird Friendly coffee logo Scientists at the Zoo's Migratory Bird Center are dedicated to fostering greater understanding, appreciation, and protection of the grand phenomenon of bird migration. One of their many innovative conservation initiatives is to encourage people to grow and purchase "Bird Friendly®" shade-grown coffee.

Migratory Bird Center Links

Guam Rails and Micronesian Kingfishers

Guam's birds have been decimated, and some have gone extinct, thanks to the inadvertent introduction of the brown tree snakes to their island home. Efforts are ongoing to reintroduce captive-born rails and to increase the size and success of the captive breeding program for the kingfishers.

Endangered Species Science

Kori Bustard Conservation Breeding

Sara Hallager is studying kori bustards, large predatory birds native to sub-Saharan Africa, to improve reproduction in these birds in zoos.