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Panda Curriculum Guides for Grades K-4

Activity Overview and Objectives

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Activity 1
pdf file iconExploring Animal Diets and Sizes
Using measurement and books, students will gain a better
understanding of animal size, diversity, and diet through the fun study of wildlife.

Activity 2
pdf file iconPanda-centered Animal Collage
Students will explore animal diversity by cutting and pasting animal pictures and crowning off their work with a giant panda picture.

Activity 3
pdf file iconGiant Panda Diorama
Students will learn about the giant panda and its habitat by creating a diorama of this animal in its temperate forest home.

Activity 4
pdf file iconGiant Panda Pretend
Students will play the part of giant pandas in the wild, gaining an understanding of how dwindling habitat can limit giant panda activity.

Activity 5
pdf file iconPanda Class Story
Through an ongoing string of quickly created sentences, your students will create an original story based on a giant panda.

Activity 6
pdf file iconGiant Panda Scavenger Hunt
By collecting various objects relating in one way or another to giant pandas, students can pretend that they are biologists learning more about these animals and various things associated with them.

Activity 7
pdf file iconGiant Panda Poster or Mural
Working in pairs or as a class, students will research, draw, and paint a poster or mural highlighting the plight of the giant panda, with strong emphasis on the importance of its forest habitat. This activity will increase their awareness of environmental issues while they work on a fun, creative project.

Activity 8
pdf file iconGiant Panda Vital Statistics
Before visiting the Zoo's pandas, students will gain a better
appreciation of panda size and diet by seeing numbers "come to life."

Activity 9
pdf file iconAnimals: Where in the World?
Each assigned a plastic toy animal, students will research their animal's diet, range, and status, then place the animal on a large floor map, identifying the continent where it lives.

Activity 10
pdf file iconThe Bear Facts
By coloring and assembling an illustrated map, students will become familiar with the world's eight bear species and the continents where they live.

Activity 11
pdf file iconGiant Panda Picture and Story
After returning from a Zoo visit, students will draw a picture of one or two of the Zoo's pandas at a favorite part of the exhibit. Students will follow up the picture with a story, either written or oral.

Activity 12
pdf file iconGiant Panda Song
Through song, students will create lyrics relating to giant pandas and zoos.

pdf file iconAppendix