Giant Panda Crossword for Kids
Scroll down to read clues or click on the numbers in the puzzle for clues to appear in the frame on the right side of your screen. If you need help, search the rest of the National Zoo's Giant Panda Pages. 
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Clues Across
1 Panda babies are called ____.
3 To save pandas we must save places where many trees grow. One of these is called a ____.
5 Young pandas like to climb ____.
9 Both people and pandas need ____ to live.
10 The National Zoo's female giant panda.
11 This is giant pandas' main food.
Clues Down
1 If people ___ down the forest, pandas will have no place to live.
2 A panda is a kind of ____. Other kinds are polar and brown.
4 A tender part of bamboo that pandas like to eat.
5 The National Zoo's male giant panda.
6 Pandas are from this country in Asia.
7 Go to the National ____ to see Mei Xiang and Tian Tian.
8 The National Zoo wants to save pandas in the ____ in China.