Where in the world do giant pandas come from?

United States

 Where do wild giant pandas live today?

In deserts
In mountain forests
Only in zoos
In the ocean
3.  What else lives in giant panda country?
A few kinds of bamboo-eating insects
Just some bamboo
Thousands of kinds of plants and animals
Lions and tigers
4.  How many giant pandas live in the wild?
About 1,600
About 16,000
About 160
5.  What does a wild giant panda eat every day?
About 30 pounds of rice
About 40 pounds of bamboo
About 10 pounds of meat and potatoes
About 20 pounds of insects
6.  Why are giant pandas endangered?
They are losing habitat.
People hunt them for their skins.
They get caught in traps set for deer.
All of the above.
7.  How big is a newborn giant panda?
The size of a newborn child.
The size of a stick of butter.
The size of a watermelon.
The size of a newborn grizzly bear.