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Meet the National Zoo's Great Cats

The Great Cats exhibit is home to tigers and lions. Several other cat species live in other areas of the Zoo.


Three Sumatran tigers live at Great Cats: A female named Damai and her two cubs, Bandar and Sukacita, born in August 2013. Facts about tigers

African Lions

Two female lions, Shera and Nababiep, and one male lion, Luke, live at Great Cats, along with six cubs born in January and March 2014. Facts about lions

Clouded leopards

Two clouded leopards live at Asia Trail. Facts about clouded leopards


Four cheetahs live at the Cheetah Conservation Station at the Zoo. More cheetahs live at the Cheetah Science Facility at the Zoo's Virginia campus. Facts about cheetahs

Fishing cats

Two fishing cats, a male and a female, live at Asia Trail. Facts about fishing cats


Two caracals live at Great Cats. Facts about caracals