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$62.53 million raised; 78.2% of $80 million goal

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Giant Pizza
Giant Pizza Playground
PLEASE NOTE: Any time you touch an animal there is a risk of spreading germs. Visitors to the Kids' Farm should wash their hands after touching the animals.

A generous $1.4 million gift from State Farm Insurance to the National Zoo guarantees that the Kids’ Farm exhibit will remain open through 2016.

FONZ is looking to raise an additional $100,000 to reach our goal of $1.5 million to support activities and upkeep of the Kids’ Farm.

The Kids’ Farm is home to various farm animals, some of which are rare breeds, including the San Clemente Island goats and Ossabaw Island hogs.

The Kids’ Farm provides young children with an interactive learning experience. Designed for children ages three to eight, the exhibit provides many urban and suburban children their first experience with animals while learning about where food comes from. Children are able to touch the cows and donkey.

Take a virtual visit—or a real visit—and see how taking care of animals takes time, dedication, and knowledge.

Step into the Barn to learn about alpacas, cows, donkeys, hogs, and goats. Explore the Pizza Garden to find out how pizza ingredients are grown.

If you come to the National Zoo, be sure to visit Kids' Farm in person!