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Kids' Farm
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PLEASE NOTE: Any time you touch an animal there is a risk of spreading germs. Visitors to the Kids' Farm should wash their hands after touching the animals.

Visit the Kids' Farm

petting a cow

While kids enjoy hands-on features and animal contact areas, they will learn that most of the food we eat every day comes from farms, and taking care of animals takes time, dedication, and knowledge.

Kids can see our cows, donkeys, goats, alpacas, and hogs and learn all about caring for farm animals. At the Caring Corral, they will have a chance to touch cows and a donkey, under staff supervision.

Please note: the Caring Corral is open only when staff is available; hours are limited.

Kids' Farm uses pizza—America's favorite food—to teach kids how many kinds of food grow. Hands-on exhibits show how pizza ingredients go from the farm to the pizza. The Pizza Garden has slice-shaped plots of growing ingredients, including tomatoes, wheat, and herbs. The 22-foot-wide Giant Pizza gives kids a place to play with oversized toppings and each other.

During the busier season (beginning in June), a free shuttle picks up visitors in need of a lift at Kids' Farm and drops them off at Panda Plaza/Bus Lot on the hour from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.