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Micronesian Kingfisher dies at SCBI Front Royal

We’re sad to share that on April 15, 2014, a female Micronesian kingfisher was found dead in her enclosure at SCBI Front Royal.

This female, born in 2011 at SCBI Front Royal, was the mother of the chick hatched in January 2014 and had laid other eggs. The chick hatched in January is doing well.

She was found lying on her side, with no obvious evidence of trauma or illness. A necropsy—or animal autopsy—may reveal a more conclusive cause of death. Preliminary findings suggest egg yolk coelomitis, which is an infection resulting from egg yolk in an animal’s body cavity.

Micronesian kingfishers are extinct in the wild. The Zoo and SCBI are part of AZA’s Species Survival Program, which aims to boost the global population of Micronesian kingfishers.