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Female Pelican Dies on American Trail

We are sad to share that brown pelican Wendy died Thursday, May 1. She had shown no interest in food for several days, and was being examined and treated at the veterinary hospital. Veterinarians performed a physical exam and blood work. After the physical exam veterinarians immediately began treating her. Unfortunately, despite receiving immediate intensive care, Wendy’s condition quickly deteriorated and she died a short time later. Results from a necropsy will be available in several weeks.

Wendy came to the National Zoo with her exhibit mate Tinkerbell in 2001. Both pelicans were rescued from the wild after sustaining wing injuries, and lived at the Suncoast Sunbird Sanctuary in Florida where they were rehabilitated. However, their wing injuries prevented them from being released back into the wild. Wendy lived on American Trail with Tinkerbell and the Zoo’s four California sea lions. She could often be seen paddling around the split-level viewing area of the sea lion exhibit with Tinkerbell. The American Trail keepers remember Wendy as a very sweet bird.