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Brazilian rainbow boa

By MSA 2005 Map showing tropical rainforests, grasslands habitats in South America


Class Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Family: Boidae
Genus and species: Epicrates cenchria

The Brazilian rainbow boa is named for its iridescent sheen—tiny ridges on the scales act like prisms to refract light and create a rainbow-colored effect. The boa is generally brown or reddish brown and has large black rings down its back.

This boa is considered medium-size, rarely growing longer than six feet. Its head is distinctly wider than its neck.

In the wild, Brazilian rainbow boas eat mostly rodents and birds.

Sexual maturity in Brazilian rainbow boas is determined by length rather than age. Males begin breeding at four feet and females begin at 4.5 feet. Females give birth to live young and can have anywhere from two to 35 babies at one time.

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