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Prevost's Squirrel

Callosciurus prevosti

Prevost's squirrel

Also known as the tricolored squirrel, the prevost's squirrel is strikingly colored, with black, white, and reddish-brown bands down the length of the animal.

Home Range

Prevost's squirrels live in Southeast Asia


Lowland and montane forest


Fruit, nuts, seeds, flowers, insects, and bird eggs


After they are a year old, prevost's squirrels can have up to three litters each year, with one to four young per litter. Juveniles can leave the nest after about six weeks.

Social Structure

Prevost's squirrels are solitary. They communicate with each other by trilling, whistling, or raising their tail.

Fun Fact

There are more than 200 species of tree and ground squirrels.