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National Zoo Exhibits

About 1,800 animals from 300 different species can be seen in indoor and outdoor exhibits throughout the National Zoo. Some of the exhibits show animals that live in the same part of the world, others highlight a variety of animals in a taxonomic group—such as birds and great apes—and others feature animals all on their own.

Many animals at the Zoo—including giant anteaters, maned wolves, prairie dogs, Przewalski's horses, and Andean bears—can be seen in their own exhibits and are not grouped with other animals in a building or themed outdoor exhibit.


The Amazonia exhibit features a living tropical forest, home to free-ranging animals, and a large aquarium in which dozens of fish species swim.

American Trail

This wooded area features North American animals, including beavers, river otters, gray seals, California sea lions, brown pelicans, gray wolves, and bald eagles.

American Bison

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo started with bison on the National Mall—and now bison are returning to the Zoo!

Asia Trail

Wind along a beautiful bamboo-shaded trail and explore the habitat of seven Asian specis: sloth bears, fishing cats, red pandas, clouded leopards, Asian small-clawed otters, a Japanese giant salamander, and giant pandas.

Bird House

Birds of many species flock together at the Bird House! Meet birds as diverse as the flightless brown kiwi, the enormous kori bustard, the gorgeous Eclectus Parrot, and many more!

Cheetah Conservation Station

In this outdoor exhibit, cheetahs and Grevy's zebras (separated by a fence) can be seen in a grassland setting similar to their savanna habitat. Gazelles and other African animals can also be seen here.

Elephant Trail

The Zoo's state-of-the-art Elephant Trail exhibit is an innovative new home for our Asian elephants.

David M. Rubenstein Family Giant Panda Habitat

The Zoo's giant pandas live in this state-of-the-art exhibit, designed to mimic the pandas' natural habitat of rocky, lush terrain in China.

Gibbon Ridge

See siamangs and white-cheeked gibbons swing quickly around their exhibit.

Great Ape House

The Great Ape House is home to western lowland gorillas and orangutans.

Great Cats

A pride of African lions and a family of Sumatran tigers live at the Great Cats exhibit.

Kids' Farm, sponsored by State Farm

Kids' Farm is home to cows, donkeys, alpacas, hogs, fish, and goats. Kids can groom some animals and have fun on the Pizza Playground.

Lemur Island

Look for ring-tailed and red-fronted lemurs in pagodas and in the grass.

Reptile Discovery Center

Dozens of reptiles and amphibians—from a massive anaconda to diminutive newts—live in this exhibit.

Small Mammal House

Golden lion tamarins, naked mole-rats, porcupines, armadillos, sloths, and many other small mammals can be seen here.

Think Tank

This exhibit is a place to think about thinking. See and learn about orangutans, Sulawesi macaques, leaf-cutter ants, and more.

The Speedwell Conservation Carousel

carouselThe Zoo's newest exhibit features 58 different species, all coexisting peacefully under a brightly colored, open-air pavilion. This gorgeous, custom-carved carousel features animals on exhibit at the Zoo and also some species which are the focus of Zoo scientists’ research to save them from extinction. The carousel includes beloved endangered species including giant pandas, Komodo dragons, and cheetahs, the attraction will welcome visitors of all ages to Lion/Tiger Hill with delightful animal figures and colorful scenery. Check out the Speedwell Conservation Carousel.