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Summer Safari Day Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association.
Summer Safari Day Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association

2009 Parents' Pick Nominee

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2014 Camp Descriptions

For Campers Entering Grades 2-3

Golden Medal Tamarins

Week 1: June 23 - 27

Get to know your cousins from itsy-bitsy monkeys to awesome apes. Learn about the O Line and how it enables orangutans to travel high above the Zoo. Plus, there’s no denying you’ll adore our golden lion tamarins! Monkey around with us all week long.

Leapers Creepers

Week 1: June 23 - 27

Visit the Zoo and meet fascinating creatures lurking behind every corner. From poison dart frogs to the Komodo dragon, slither on over if you dare! Learn about the global amphibian crisis and hop into action to save our froggy friends!

Critter Champions

Week 1: June 23 - 27

The National Zoo is home to many animal winners. The fastest, the strongest, the biggest, the smallest. Learn about these superstar animals then go for the gold yourself!

Zoo MD

Week 2: June 30 – July 3 (no camp July 4)

Imagine what it takes to care for a toothy tiger or slimy salamander. How do you x-ray a stingray or give a shot to a shrew? Zoo veterinarians have one of the toughest jobs around. Visit How Do You Zoo?, our one-of-a-kind role play exhibit, and practice caring for our animals (campers do not come in direct contact with live animals).

Home Sweet Habitat

Week 2: June 30 – July 3 (no camp July 4)

There’s no place like home! Visit the National Zoo and explore the homes and habitats of our natural builders. Learn more by digging into the animal world before becoming busy bees, beavers, and birds yourself. Join the crew!

Wilderness Explorers

Week 3: July 7 - 11

Suit UP for an adventure as a Zoo Wilderness Explorer. Earn badges as you help animals at the Zoo and around the world. You may even discover the creature of Paradise Falls. Adventure is out there!

Out of Africa

Week 3: July 7 - 11

There’s no need for a passport when you can explore the savanna at the National Zoo! Take part in crafts and games as you learn about African animals and culture. We’re not lion, it’s going to be a wild time!

U.S.A. (United States of Animals)

Week 3: July 7 - 11

This land was made for you and me…and the animals! Explore the Zoo in your backyard and say “hello” to your neighbors on the new American Trail including gray wolves, sea lions, and the iconic bald eagle. Then learn how you can help keep America beautiful.

Kung Fu Panda

Week 4: July 14 - 18

Help kick extinction! Become a part of the Furious Five and earn a black belt in conservation. Travel Asia Trail and uncover the mystery of the giant panda, clouded leopard, red panda, and more. This camp is sure to be a knockout!

The Lion King

Week 4: July 14 - 18

It’s time for the mane event! We’re beaming with pride over our lions! Learn about the kings and queens of the National Zoo and visit with their cat cousins: cheetahs, tigers, and leopards. Pounce on this camp. Register meow!

Moo at the Zoo

Week 5: July 21 - 25

Spend the week as Old MacDonald. Meet a keeper and plow headfirst into learning how we care for cows, goats, donkeys, and more at the National Zoo’s Kid Farm, sponsored by State Farm®.

Great to be a Primate

Week 5: July 21 - 25

You’ll go ape in this class! Learn all about our primate cousins: monkeys, apes, and prosimians. Meet the Zoo’s collection and learn why it is great to be primate.

Fantastic Frogs

Week 5: July 21 - 25

It can be easy being green and we’ll show you how. Jump to it and learn what you can do save the frogs. You’ll be hoppy in this class!

Zoo Dunnit

Week 6: July 28 – August 1

Grab your binoculars and venture through the Zoo to solve clues about the animal kingdom. Test your newly acquired knowledge of Zoo animals and scientific methods to solve the mystery and claim the reward!

Fairy Tails

Week 6: July 28 – August 1

We’re jumping into the pages of our favorite “tails.” Meet Jack’s giant (octopus), huff and puff with the big bad wolf, pucker up to frogs, and pay a visit to the home of our three bears. Become a part of the story and learn about the real animals behind the critter characters.

Swamp Thing

Week 7: August 4 - 8

Many people think crocodiles, snakes, and creepy crawlers have a serious yuck factor. We’ll get down and dirty learning about their fascinating behavior and why it can be great to be gross.


Week 7: August 4 - 8

Find the nearest phone booth and change into your cape; we’re meeting the Zoo’s most incredible creatures! Join the squad as we uncover animals with powers of speed, strength, flight, and more, then transform into a hero yourself!


Week 7: August 4 - 8

Dive deep into exploring our underwater animals. Otters, octopus, turtles, and more. Sea for yourself! It’s sure to be a splash!

Charlotte’s Web

Week 8: August 11 - 15

Terrific is not only Charlotte’s word for Wilbur—it’s how you’ll feel about this class! Meet Wilbur’s radiant cousins, our Ossabaw hogs, learn about Templeton’s smarts, and admire Charlotte’s talented distant relatives, the tarantulas.

Dr. Zoo-euss

Week 8: August 11 - 15

Turtles, elephants, and tigers, too. Where can you find them? At the National Zoo! You're sure to have a fabulous time, making crafts and reading rhymes. So come to the park, take a look, and see an animal from a Dr. Seuss book!