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Andean bear mother and cub

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Summer Safari Day Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association.
Summer Safari Day Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association

2009 Parents' Pick Nominee

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2015 Camp Descriptions

For Campers Entering Grades K-1

Small Wonders

Week 1: June 22 - 26

Great things really do come in small packages! Learn why teeny animals are also tremendous fun with small mammals, pint-sized frogs, and other little critters at the Zoo. Join this camp for fun that is larger than life!

Birds of a Feather

Week 1: June 22 - 26

Everybody knows that bird is the word; now find out why. Explore the world of our high-flying friends, then go for a bird watch to see some for yourself! Everyone will be flocking to this program. Don’t miss out!

Dora and Diego

Week 2: June 29 – July 2 (no camp July 3)

Hola amigos! Grab your backpacks for a summer adventure with Dora, Diego, and their animal friends! A different puzzle each day will take us on explorations all around the Zoo as we learn about animals and conservation, and pick up a bit of Spanish along the way.


Week 2: June 29 – July 2 (no camp July 3)

What if you had ears three feet wide or a full rack of antlers? Observe animals from head to toe and learn about their x-traordinary features. Then create your favorite animals’ ears, nose, tail, or toes and try them on for size! It is sure to be an x-citing time!

Wild Kratts

Week 2: June 29 – July 2 (no camp July 3)

Grab your Creature Power Suit and join us at HQ, we're going on a real zoo-venture with the Tortuga crew! A new mission each day will help us learn about the animals at the Zoo with real Creature Power Technology. What if… you registered for this camp today?

Where the Wild Things Are

Week 3: July 6 - 10

A wonderful world unfolds in this five-day investigation of the animal kingdom. Each day, study a different type of animal, including mammals, birds, and reptiles, and learn about the wild places they inhabit.

Nur–Zoo-ry Rhymes

Week 3: July 6 - 10

Eenie-meeny-miny-mo. This camp is great and you should go! Learn about the animals in each rhyme. With Zoo walks and crafts, we'll have a great time! So come to the park and take a look. We're meeting friends from Mother Goose's book!

Babar the Elephant

Week 4: July 13 – 17

Pack up your trunk and follow the herd! We're learning about the largest living land mammal—elephants! Study their fascinating adaptations and welcome the National Zoo's new elephants to their home in the Elephant Community Center.

Winnie the Pooh

Week 4: July 13 – 17

Grab your honey pot for a Grand Adventure in the Zoo's own Hundred Acre Wood! Discover the Pooh Bears, Piglets, Tiggers, and Owls that call the Zoo home. You may even spot some Heffalumps and Woozles along the way!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar (and Friends!)

Week 4: July 13 – 17

Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? A wonderful week at Zoo camp! Learn about hungry caterpillars, mixed-up chameleons, and many more Eric Carle favorites during a week of art, science, and exploration. Take a bite out of this camp today!

Mighty Minis

Week 5: July 20 - 24

Zoo Olympics is about more than feats of enormous strength. Check out the small but mighty animals at the National Zoo and what makes these mini stars so spectacular!

Water Winners

Week 5: July 20 - 24

You don't need a swimsuit to learn about the amazing aquatic world. Hold your breath as you meet the Zoo's wettest friends. From playful otters to armored alligators, learn about many creatures that inhabit the world’s waters.

Creature Features

Week 6: July 27 – July 31

Come meet a group of zoo animals that are experts at the game of hide and seek. Spots, stripes, and colors help some animals find dinner and keep others from being on the menu. Learn how critters hide from predators and search for prey.


Week 6: July 27 – July 31

One of a kind? Part of a pack? Some animals live in groups while others prefer to go it alone. Study the living arrangements from a flamboyance of flamingos to the solitary sloth. The more the merrier!

International Monkey Business

Week 7: August 3 - 7

Get to know your animal cousins, from little monkeys to great apes! There will be plenty of monkeying around in this class as we travel jungle to jungle learning about primate ancestors.

Longitude and Cattitude

Week 7: August 3 - 7

The Zoo is always purring with excitement. Come and meet our lions, tigers, cheetahs, and more--then learn about your favorite felines through Zoo walks, science activities, and purr-fect crafts.

Over the Hedge

Week 8: August 10 – 14

Discover the Zoo in your backyard. We're digging up a good time discovering animals that live a bit closer to home. Learn about our feathered, furry, and swimming friends, then head out into the park to welcome your new neighbors, the critters of American Trail.

Ice Age

Week 8: August 10 – 14

Extinct species have left their mark in modern animals. See the ancestors of Manfred, Sid, and Diego and explore evolution as we discover today’s dinos. No bones about it! You’ll saber every minute of this camp! Register now, before spots go extinct.