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Settle Down: Turbidity and Water Quality

Go Deeper: Additional Resources and Activities

Smithsonian web resources

The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center has a host of watershed-related resources available on its website at www.serc.si.edu.

Some specific sites to check out:

The Phytoplankton Lab has great water quality information specifically related to water clarity and light. The site includes science stories and bios, videos, data, and a glossary.

Explore your ecological home with this collection of stories about life and living in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. It's All in the Watershed is a resource for students, educators, and anyone who lives in this special part of the world or is interested in learning about its natural resources, history, special places, and people.

Go behind the scenes of science with SERC's interactive videoconferences on topics related to SERC research. One topic in particular, Aquatic Ecosystems: Putting the Parts Together, encourages students to build aquatic ecosystems in the classroom and share observations with SERC staff during a videoconference.

Estuary Chesapeake is a hands-on program conducted as a field trip to the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in which 4th through 6th grade students can explore the living and non-living aspects of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem.

Other websites to check out

EPA’s Surf Your Watershed Web site allows you to locate your local watersheds and obtain detailed information, data, and links to watershed groups and organizations in your area.

More and more communities are conducting turbidity festivals, otherwise known as “wade-ins” or “the sneaker index.” Information on community wade-in projects is available from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.