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Design a Panda HabitatCurriculum Connections


In this animated program, users create a new giant panda habitat by dragging objects such as “climbing trees,” “shallow pools,” and “bamboo” into the habitat. Users learn that developing a successful habitat at a zoo requires a careful balance between the needs of the animals, visitors, and staff. If the user develops a “successful” habitat, two animated giant pandas walk out and explore the space.

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Teacher Resource
/education/conservationcentral/pdfs/Module 4.pdf 1.2M PDF
Download the Finding Common Ground curriculum lesson plan for this activity.

Family Resource
Family Learning Activity: Visit a Zoo!
/education/conservationcentral/pdfs/visitzoo.pdf 204k PDF
The next time you visit your local zoo, turn it into an educational adventure by focusing on the habitats as well as the animals.