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Family Learning

Lace up your shoes and get ready to explore the natural world with your children!
Learn simple ways you can conserve local habitats.

Nature Drawing Nature Drawing 360k PDF
Observe nature together and sketch and note your observations.

Show Your Colors! 125k PDF
This fun chromatography leaf experiment reveals leaves' brilliant colors and will help your children predict what color the leaves around them will "turn" in the fall!

Show Your Colors!
Take a Hike! A Family Forest Walk

Take a Hike! A Family Forest Walk 115k PDF
Use your eyes, ears, and noses to explore a local woodland or forest together as a family.

Visit a Zoo! 205k PDF
Turn your next visit to a local zoo into an educational adventure by focusing on habitats. Your child will learn about the needs of animals and the importance of protecting habitats for protecting animals.

Visit a Zoo!
Connected Conservation: Family Computer Time

Connected Conservation: Family Computer Time 120k PDF
Family time at the computer can encourage social interaction between you and your children. Here are some tips for engaging in our interactives.

Bald, Beautiful, and Back! 100k PDF
Learn about the Endangered Species Act through the recovery success story of the bald eagle and adopt an endangered species native to your area!

Bald, Beautiful, and Back!
Simple Things You Can Do to Conserve the Environment

Simple Things You Can Do to Conserve the Environment 100k PDF
Many of the best conservation opportunities start at home. Incorporate some of these simple steps into your daily routine. Use the template to write your own Family Conservation Action Plan!

Family Conservation Resource: Get a Green Clean! 80k PDF
Make these easy-to-make and economical green cleaners!

Family Conservation Resource

Surf these links with your family

Smithsonian's National Zoological Park Activities & Events
Check out the variety of fun and educational special events at the National Zoo!

Giant Pandas
Learn more about this endangered black and white, bamboo-eating bear that lives in temperate bamboo forests in central China.

The new Kids' ADOPT A Habitat program helps kids understand the importance of conserving habitats as part of efforts to save endangered species.