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Conservation Gallery Action Plan
Opportunities for Teachers and Students

Profile Local and Global Endangered Species
Are there endangered plants and animals in your area? We will showcase several Conservation Profiles to highlight the conservation status and habitat needs of different temperate forest species in the United States and China.

Use this worksheet 45k PDF to create your Conservation Profile.

Curriculum Connection: Download Module 3 1.1M PDF for a lesson plan.

Design a Panda Habitat
Choose your two favorite panda habitat designs based on Mei Xiang's and Tian Tian's needs and preferences. Along with the sketch of their habitats, have students include several sentences as to why they chose the elements they did.

Use these worksheets 235k PDF to record your observations and to then create your designs.

Curriculum Connection: Download Module 4 1.2M PDF for a related lesson plan. Students will also enjoy the Design a Panda Habitat interactive.

Curriculum Connection: Download Module 6 1.3M PDF for a related lesson plan, Action Plan template, and a Class Conservation Action Plan Student Activity Sheet (p. 71) to help students create their Plans. You may also wish to download Basic Guidelines for Developing Your Class Conservation Action Plan 125k PDF.