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Satellite-tagged Crocodiles

Crocodile Monitoring Program in the Gamba Area

The Gamba complex has the three species of African crocodiles with relatively viable populations. African crocodiles have been decimated throughout most of their range because of bush meat hunting and landscape transformation.

Crocodiles are an important conservation group as they provide regulation of aquatic communities.

An understanding of the abundance and distribution of the various crocodile species is key to assessing and managing any risk to the local population from crocodiles.

In collaboration with crocodile expert, Matt Shirley from the University of Florida, SCBI's Center for Conservation Education and Sustainability is monitoring satellite-tagged Nile crocodiles using Vembo Lake and nearby lagoons. Local program staff Elie Tobi and Axel Litona will continue annual counts of crocodile nests during the October-November nesting season.

Results of this monitoring program will be incorporated into education material.

  • Litona    
  • Yarine

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