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Smithsonian Tools to Sustain Myanmar’s Biodiversity

Expanded programming will include some of the Smithsonian’s most effective tools for data collection and analysis.

Examples include:

  • Biodiversity Monitoring and Assessment Program
    Utilizing the Biodiversity Monitoring and Assessment Program protocol developed in Gabon and Peru, the Smithsonian can engage the private sector, government, and communities to assess and identify solutions to minimize the impact of development projects on biodiversity.
  • ForestGEO and MarineGEO
    Using a ridge-to-reef approach, Smithsonian can initiate forest and marine GEO plots, providing critical data and opportunities to build local skills in basic science research. GEO plots literally take the pulse of the planet, providing information essential to determining the effects of climate change, amounts of carbon sequestration, etc.
  • Geospatial Initiative
    Smithsonian experts can build geospatial capacity and shared spatial databases needed by decision-makers to develop more effective and sustainable land management plans and policies, monitor land use, and increase the effectiveness and transparency of decision-making.
  • Wildlife Health
    Smithsonian is at the forefront of understanding the relationship between wildlife and human health. Using lessons learned from our experience as a USAID PREDICT implementing partner, we can build skills of local veterinarians, park staff, and pathologists to collect samples and connect into the global network of health workers to prevent infectious disease.
  • National Biodiversity Data Repository and Web Portal
    Also known as the Encyclopedia of Myanmar Life, a repository and web portal can be linked to geospatial data and tools made accessible to decision-makers and citizens alike. A spatial data platform can be established in partnership with international organizations to leverage existing tools and data, and carry out ground-truthing in Myanmar.

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