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At the Conservation Ecology Center (CEC), Zoo conservation scientists work together find ways to restore and protect at-risk wildlife species and their supporting ecosystems. Their work spans key marine and terrestrial regions throughout the world. Our biologists helped shape the field of conservation biology, and have forged and honed the cutting edge of conservation science, focusing on the biology of extinction, overabundant species, nutritional ecology, endangered landscapes, and ways to prioritize and assess conservation strategies. CEC scientists have unparalleled experience among zoos with field-based programs in identifying what endangered species need for their continued survival in real-world landscapes. An array of experts working in concert to take into account the diverse needs of people and wildlife is the best way to stem the tide of species loss in a changing, human-dominated world.

Research Programs

Conservation GIS Lab

GIS map of Myanmar

Using satellite imagery and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to identify, monitor and fight habitat loss and species extinction globally. Learn more

ForestGEO Ecosystems and Climate Lab

ForestGeo Site Map

Global change pressures—including climate change, deforestation, pollution, hunting, and the spread of invasive species—are affecting forests worldwide. Such changes threaten biodiversity and may exacerbate climate change Learn more

Sustaining Myanmar's Biodiversity


Myanmar is one of the most important biodiversity hotspots on the planet. Smithsonian scientists are working to sustain that biodiversity. Learn more

Tiger Conservation in the Wild in Asia

tigerSmithsonian scientists were among the first to begin working for tiger preservation. Since then, they've been leaders in studying tiger behavioral ecology and conservation. Learn more

White-tailed Deer

white-tailed deer

White-tailed deer play a key ecological role in our eastern forests, and offer ecologists a way to assess forest health. Learn more