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The following projects are currently being conducted in the Spatial Analysis Lab at the National Zoo's Conservation and Research Center in Front Royal, Virginia:

Asian Elephants
A regional conservation assessment for this endangered species and a study of the wild elephants in protected ranges of Myanmar.

Eld's Deer
Research to establish baseline biological data, and an evaluation of remaining preferred habitat using remote sensing.

Mongolian Gazelle
Mapping the extent of the calving, summer, and winter grounds of the Mongolian gazelle.
World Forests
An assessment of the world's forest decline and protection across three major biomes-tropical, boreal, and temperate.
Landcover Change in Myanmar
A comprehensive study using high-resolution satellite imagery to map current landcover and deforestation patterns.
Forest Biodiversity in Virginia
A project designed to provide teachers with the skills and tools needed to teach the scientific principles of biodiversity monitoring.