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Ezequiel Moraes dos Santos

With support from the grant from Probio, the small GIS station has been maintained. The WWF Brazil also confirmed their interest in developing a partnership with the GLT Association for expanding the GIS lab. The GIS continues to assist the researchers in locating important areas for their activities.

Amongst the example of products generated by the GIS are:

  • Map of the Poço das Antas Reserve to use for developing management strategies by IBAMA
  • Demonstration Map of the burnt burnt in Poço das Antas for use by IBAMA
  • Schematic Map of the projected forest corridors between the Rio Vermelho Farm and Poço das Antas
  • Schematic Map for the agricultural schools that participate in the Environment Education program
  • Maps to help establishment of two RPPNs (private reserves)
  • Map for a proposal to establishment an APA of the Rio São João.


  • Due to its structure and transparency, the GIS system has attracted the interest of potential partners such as local city halls, university and other NGOs.
  • This has been made successful due to the unrestricted bracket support of the PRONABIO/PROBIO/MMA grant, with the additional funds from BIRD/GEF/CNPq.