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Genetic Structure of GLT Population

Adriana D. Grativol

This project was initiated in 1999, as part of Ph.D. thesis of Adriana Grativol in Biociências and Biotecnologia of the UENF, under the advice of Dr. Fernando Fernandez. The purpose is to analyze genetic samples of the wild and captivity populations. Samples of the captive population (from zoos in the USA) already had been collected and imported to Brazil, and samples of the population that are in the Brazilian Zoos will be contributed by the Brazilian Society of Zoos. These samples were selected to ensure that descendents of all the founders of the captivity population were represented. For the wild population, samples from the Poço das Antas population and three translocated groups now in the União Reserve (SJ, LB, and Bauen) already had been analyzed using four microsatellite molecular markers. These data show a well defined genetic structure between these populations. More recently, twelve samples of the Serra de Gaviões population and the Saquarema group, that also was translocated to the União Reserve, are being analyzed with the same molecular markers. These samples of the current populations also will be analyzed through mitochondria molecular markers.

We hope to compare these current samples with samples taken from historical GLTs so that we can determine if current levels and patterns of genetic diversity are similar to those of the past. For the analysis of the old samples, we have already made contact with different museums and all these samples will be analyzed in the Laboratory at the University of Oxford, under the advise of the Dr. Alan Cooper.