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The international zoo community has worked for decades to protect golden lion tamarins from extinction. This collaborative effort includes the following components: captive breeding, habitat restoration and protection, conservation education, conservation education, and reintroduction to Brazil.

Read all about the history of the captive breeding program.

Captive Breeding and Population Management
Get the details on the captive population and what we are trying to achieve.

Learn about the masterplan for the captive population.

Husbandry Protocol
Download the husbandry protocol for lion tamarins (PDF file; 218 pages; 6MB).

Learn about the science—genetic variation, genetic drift, mean kinship—behind captive breeding programs.

For Zoo Managers
Get management information for zoos with golden lion tamarins.

Species Survival Program
Find out all about the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Species Survival Program.