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For Zoos Interested in Lion Tamarins

The captive breeding programs for lion tamarins are managed by the International Committee for the Conservation and Management of Lion Tamarins (ICCM). Institutions wishing to receive lion tamarins for their collections should contact the ICCM Regional Coordinator for application material (see below).

As part of the application, all participating institutions are required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding. These programs are members of the AZA's SSP programs in North America and the EAZA's EEP programs in Europe.

  • The ICCM will review and make final decisions on all application material
  • Zoos in North America are required to be members of the American Zoo Association.
  • Zoos in Europe are required to be members of the EAZA.
  • Zoos without experience breeding callitrichids will only be approved to hold non-breeding lion tamarins.
  • Zoos approved to receive lion tamarins are required to abide by the management recommendations of the studbook keepers and ICCM.
  • In particular, institutions with breeding animals will be required to sign the memorandum of understanding which states that they will agree to curtail reproduction if so requested by the studbook keeper and ICCM.
  • Zoos approved to hold lion tamarins will receive tamarins on loan from the Brazilian Government (IBAMA). Animals will be selected by the appropriate studbook keeper or regional coordinator.
  • Consult the Husbandry Protocol for basic husbandry requirements of lion tamarin facilities and care.

Contact information:
UK and Ireland Regional Coordinator (also serving Africa):
Mr. David Field
Zoological Society of Ireland
Phoenix Park
Dublin 8, Ireland
Tel: 353 1 6771 425
Fax: 353 1 6771 660
Email: davidfield@dublinzoo.ie

Europe Coordinator:
Dr. Kristin Leus
Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp
Kon. Astridplein 26
Antwerpen 2018
Tel: 32-3-202-45-80
Fax: 32-3-202-45-47
Email: Kristin.Leus@zooantwerpen.be

North America Coordinator and Studbook Keeper:
Dr. Jonathan D. Ballou
Dept. Conservation Biology
Conservation and Research Center
Smithsonian National Zoological Park
Washington, D.C. 20008
Tel: (202) 673 4828
Fax: (202) 673 468

Australia/Asia Regional Coordinator:
Amanda Embry
ZPGB, P.O. Box 74
Parkville, Victoria 3052
Tel: 61-3-9285 9419
Fax: 61-3-9285 9370
Email: aembury@zoo.org.au

South America Regional Coordinator:
Dr. Alcides Pissinatti
Rua Fonseca Teles,121-sala1624
Sao Cristovao - RJ
Tel: 21-234-5496
Fax: 55 21-589-3283
Email: pissinatticprj@ig.com.br

Other Regions:
Washington, DC. (see above)