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Carcass Disposition for GLTs and GHLTs

All carcasses of GLTs and GHLTs should be deposited and accessioned in local museums and university study collections. The Studbook keeper should be informed of the final destination of a carcass and its museum/collection number.

Scientists at the Smithsonian Institution are interested in conducting studies on Lion Tamarins, as well as ensuring that the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum has an adequate temporal and spatial representation of these populations in its collection. For these reasons, we are now requesting that you consider sending GLT carcasses from zoos in North America to the Natural History Museum, care of Dr. Richard Thorington.

All ages of specimens, including aborted fetuses, stillborns and infants, are needed. This material will be available for future studies by scientists interested in any number of questions.

Unfortunately, neither the Museum nor the GLT Conservation Program currently can provide funds to cover shipment of the frozen carcasses; however, we are in the process of looking for these funds. If you have specimens that you can not place in local scientific collections, but can not possibly afford to ship them, please contact Dr. Thorington at 202.357.2150.

As a reminder to holders of golden-headed lion tamarins, as part of the GHLT International Recovery and Management Committee's Memorandum of Understanding, signing institutions agreed to routinely send all carcasses to the Natural History Museum. The Museum holds a CITES permit for transfer of these specimens; contact Dr. Thorington for a copy of the permit, which should accompany the shipment. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Please ship frozen GLT and GHLT carcasses to the following address, and include proper identification documents (at least an ARKS Specimen Report):

Dr. Richard W. Thorington
Dept. of Vertebrate Zoology
National Museum of Natural History
Natural History Building
390 MRC NHB108
Washington, DC 20560