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Necropsy Protocols

Necropsy details are required for every golden and golden-headed lion tamarin that dies. Send the Studbook Keeper the necropsy report as soon as it is available (see address below). The Necrospy Form can be used to provide necropsy details.

Of special interest:

  • Check for Diaphragmatic Hernias!
  • Send female reproductive organs to Dr. Linda Munson. This is particularly important if the female has had contraceptive implants. (see addresses below)
  • All carcasses should be disposed of at a local museum or university in a study collection or sent to the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum. Here for details.
  • If there are any unusual events or findings associated with a tamarin's death, contact the SSP Pathology Advisor, Dr. Richard Montali at the National Zoo (see address below).

Studbook Keeper
Dr. Jonathan Ballou
Dept. Conservation Biology
Smithsonian National Zoo
Washington, DC 20008, USA
202 673 4828
Fax: 202 673 4686

Send female reproductive organs to
Dr. Linda Munson
Department of Pathology
College of Vet. Med.
2055 Haring Hall
University of California- Davis
Davis, CA 95616, USA
530 754-7567
Fax: 530 752-3349

Necropsy/Pathology Questions
Dr. Richard Montali
Dept. Pathology
Smithsonian National Zoological Park
Washington, DC 20008, USA
202 673 4716
Fax: 202 673 4660