Bird Friendly® Coffee Certification

For your Bird Friendly® inspection and certification, growers should contact one of the following agencies. These companies are organic certification agencies that appear on the U.S. Department of Agriculture's accreditation list for the National Organic Program. This accreditation provides an important "first cut" for us in terms of providing quality control and verifiable audit trails. In addition, the inspectors working with these agencies have been trained by Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC) staff in how to evaluate shade coffee systems. The companies listed have all signed agreements with the SMBC, and can arrange for an inspector to visit your farm or cooperative.

Since Bird Friendly® certification also requires organic certification, combining the inspections may save you money—all these companies also do organic certifications.

Certification Period Changed to 3 Years

The certification period applied to shade cover on Bird Friendly® farms has been increased to 3 years. Shade cover does not change that much from year to year, and growers can ill afford any added costs associated with unnecessary inspections and certifications. Therefore, effective 2007, shade certification for the Bird Friendly® coffee seal will be valid for 3 years.

The organic inspector who visits a BF farm or coop during years when the shade inspection is not scheduled will need to visually confirm that no changes in shade management have been made. Moreover, if a farm or cooperative wants to bring new areas into the BF program during this time, the normal inspection and certification process must be applied to these areas.

Any questions about these changes can be directed to Robert Rice at 202-633-4209 or Email

Listing of Coffee Certifying Agencies:

General Gonzales 1317 Casilla 13030
La Paz, Bolivia
Contact: Grover Bustillos
Calle Pasos Kanki No. 2134
Cochabamba, Bolivia
Contact: Roberto Moyano Aguirre
(+591) 4 4456880
Fax: (+591) 4 4456882
Cle 140#16-59 - Of. 201
Bogota, Colombia
Contact: Xavier Cevallos
0057 1 274 43 40
Fax: 0057 1 614 92 00
Montelimar 300 Norte
San Jose, Costa Rica
Contact: Guillermo Saborio
Fax: (506)235-1638
Cimbernstrasse 21
Nurnberg, Germany
Contact: Peter Grosch
Fax: 0911/492239
Vorderhaslach Nr. 1
Happburg, Germany
Contact: Albrecht Benzing
49 (0) 9158 - 92 82 92
Fax: 49 (0) 9158 - 92 89 862
6a. Street 3-22 Zone 10
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Contact: Noe Rivera
Fax: (502)2-3628726
Calle 16 de Septiembre, Número 204
Ejido Guadelupe Victoría, Oaxaca Mexico
Contact: Taurino Reyes Santiago
Av. Arenales #670
Lima, Peru
Contact: Roxana Priego Flores
Fax: 0051-01-4247773
Control Union Peru
Av. Rivera Navarrete 762 Piso 15
Lima, Peru
Contact: Katya Castro Orrego
51 1 7190400
Fax: 51 1 4217573
Control Union Indonesia The Netherlands
Contact: Winaryo Suyono
6400 Cornhusker Highway
Lincoln, NE USA
Contact: Brian Kozisek
Fax: (402)477-4325
9191 Town Center Drive Suite 5100
San Diego, CA USA
Contact: Kristen Holt
PO Box 12311
Gainesville, FL USA
Contact: Marty Mesh

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