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Why Bird Friendly:

In the time that it takes you to drink your next cup of coffee, acres of tropical forest will be lost. Along with it will go the birds and other wildlife that depend on it.

On a global scale, more than five billion pounds of conventional pesticides are used annually for agricultural purposes, forest and rangeland management, and disease control, as well as in homes, and on lawns, gardens, golf courses, and other private properties. Twenty percent of this total volume, or 1.2 billion pounds, is used in the United States alone. What does this massive chemical dousing of the Earth mean for the health of the environment?

Shade-grown organic coffee plantations stamped with the "Bird Friendly®" seal of approval play a key role in the conservation of our global environment and of migratory birds that find sanctuary in their forest-like environments.

The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC) encourages the production of shade-grown coffee, and the conservation of migratory birds, through its "Bird Friendly®" seal of approval.

Benefits of "Bird Friendly®" (some due to its organic and/or fair trade status)

Those farmers, roasters, and distributors that carry the "Bird Friendly®" seal of approval are:

Where Can I find it?

You can purchase "Bird Friendly®" coffee at all National Zoo stores and restaurants. In addition, companies across the United States and Canada that sell certified "Bird Friendly®" coffees through retail stores, on the Internet, and by mail order.

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Support Bird Friendly

Companies that sell and distribute coffee with the "Bird Friendly®" seal of approval contribute 25 cents per pound to support the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC)'s research and conservation programs.

Join the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center in its efforts to ensure that coffee plantations remain a healthy haven for birds and other wildlife. Find out where you can find the "Bird Friendly®" seal of approval near you.