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Jesus Maldonado

Research Scientist / Center for Conservation and Evolutionary Genetics

Research Focus

My broad interests lie in the evolutionary biology and population genetics of mammals; specifically using genetic techniques in conservation biology. I am interested in learning about the genetic basis of adaptation, and the importance of these adaptations to the process of speciation in mammals.

Most Recent Publications

Bozarth, Christine A., Gardner, Beth, Rockwood, Larry L. and Maldonado, Jesús E. Using Fecal DNA and Spatial Capture-Recapture to Characterize a Recent Coyote Colonization, Northeastern Naturalist, 22 (1) 144-162. 2015.

Dutta, Trishna, Sharma, Sandeep, Maldonado, Jesús E., Panwar, Hemendra Singh and Seidensticker, John. Genetic Variation, Structure, and Gene Flow in a Sloth Bear (Melursus ursinus) Meta-Population in the Satpura-Maikal Landscape of Central India, PloS One, 10 (5) -. 2015.

Hofman, Courtney A., Rick, Torben C., Hawkins, Melissa T. R., Funk, W. C., Ralls, Katherine, Boser, Christina L., Collins, Paul W., Coonan, Tim, King, Julie L., Morrison, Scott A., Newsome, Seth D., Sillett, T. S., Fleischer, Robert C. and Maldonado, Jesus E. Mitochondrial Genomes Suggest Rapid Evolution of Dwarf California Channel Islands Foxes (Urocyon littoralis), PloS One, 10 (2) 1-15. 2015.

Leonard, Jennifer A., den Tex, Robert-Jan, Hawkins, Melissa T. R., Muñoz-Fuentes, Violeta, Thorington, Richard and Maldonado, Jesus E. Phylogeography of vertebrates on the Sunda Shelf: a multi-species comparison, Journal of Biogeography, 42 (5) 871-879. 2015.

Maldonado, Jesús E., Young, Sarah, Simons, Lee H., Stone, Sheridan, Parker, Lillian D. and Reyes, Jorge Ortega. Conservation genetics and phylogeny of the Arizona shrew in the "Sky Islands" of the Southwestern United States, Therya, 6 (2) 401-420. 2015.

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