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Nancy Rotzel McInerney

Laboratory Manager / Center for Conservation Genomics

Most Recent Publications

Gratwicke, Brian, Alonso, Alfonso, Elie, T., Kolowski, J., Lock, J., Rotzel, N., Sevin, J. and Fleischer, Robert C. Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis not detected on amphibians for two lowland sites in Gabon, Africa, Herpetological Review, 42 (1) 69-71. 2011.

Dahl, Chris, Kiatik, Ismale, Baisen, Ismale, Bronikowski, Ed, Fleischer, Robert C., Rotzel, Nancy C., Lock, Justin, Novotny, Vojtech, Narayan, Edward and Herol, Jean-Marc. Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis not found in rainforest frogs along an altitudinal gradient of Papua New Guinea, The Herpetological Journal, 22 (3) 183-186. 2012.

Gratwicke, Brian, Evans, M., Campbell Grant, E. H., Greathouse, J., McShea, William J., Rotzel, N. and Fleischer, Robert C. Low prevalence Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis detected in Appalachian salamanders from Warren County, Virginia, USA, Herpetological Review, 42 (2) 217-219. 2011.

Fleischer, Robert C., Kirchman, J. J., Dumbacher, John P., Bevier, L., Dove, Carla J., Rotzel, Nancy C., Edwards, S. V., Lammertink, M., Miglia, K. and Moore, W. S. Mid-Pleistocene divergence of Cuban and North American ivory-billed woodpeckers, Biology Letters, 2 (3) 466-469. 2006.

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