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Scott Sillett

Research Scientist / Migratory Bird Center

Research Focus

how events throughout the annual cycle of migratory birds are interconnected and how multiple mechanisms, both natural and human-related, operate to limit and regulate these bird populations.

Most Recent Publications

Kaiser, Sara A., Sillett, T. S. and Webster, Michael S. Phenotypic plasticity in hormonal and behavioural responses to changes in resource conditions in a migratory songbird, Animal Behaviour, 96 19-29. 2014.

Rick, Torben C., Sillett, T. S., Ghalambor, Cameron K., Hofman, Courtney A., Ralls, Katherine, Anderson, R. S., Boser, Christina L., Braje, Todd J., Cayan, Daniel R., Chesser, R. T., Collins, Paul W., Erlandson, Jon M., Faulkner, Kate R., Fleischer, Robert, Funk, W. C., Galipeau, Russell, Huston, Ann, King, Julie, Laughrin, Lyndal, Maldonado, Jesus, McEachern, Kathryn, Muhs, Daniel R., Newsome, Seth D., Reeder-Myers, Leslie, Still, Christopher, et al. Ecological Change on California's Channel Islands from the Pleistocene to the Anthropocene, Bioscience, 64 (8) 680-692. 2014.

Sofaer, Helen R., Sillett, T. S., Langin, Kathryn M., Morrison, Scott A. and Ghalambor, Cameron K. Partitioning the sources of demographic variation reveals density-dependent nest predation in an island bird population, Ecology and Evolution, 4 (13) 2738-2748. 2014.

Sollmann, Rahel, Gardner, Beth, Chandler, Richard B., Royle, J. A. and Sillett, T. S. An open population hierarchical distance sampling model, Ecology, . 2014.

Zipkin, Elise F., Sillett, T. Scott, Grant, Evan H. Campbell, Chandler, Richard B. and Royle, J. Andrew. Inferences about population dynamics from count data using multistate models: a comparison to capture–recapture approaches, Ecology and Evolution, 4 (4) 417-426. 2014.

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