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Scott Sillett

Research Scientist / Migratory Bird Center

Research Focus

how events throughout the annual cycle of migratory birds are interconnected and how multiple mechanisms, both natural and human-related, operate to limit and regulate these bird populations.

Most Recent Publications

Yoon, Jongmin, Sofaer, Helen R., Sillett, T. S., Morrison, Scott A. and Ghalambor, Cameron K. The relationship between female brooding and male nestling provisioning: does climate underlie geographic variation in sex roles?, Journal of Avian Biology, . 2016.

Pesendorfer, Mario B., Sillett, T. S., Morrison, Scott A. and Kamil, Alan C. Context-dependent seed dispersal by a scatter-hoarding corvid, The Journal of Animal Ecology, 85 (3) 798-805. 2016.

Pesendorfer, Mario B., Sillett, T. Scott, Koenig, Walter D. and Morrison, Scott A. Scatter-hoarding corvids as seed dispersers for oaks and pines: A review of a widely distributed mutualism and its utility to habitat restoration, The Condor, 215-237. 2016.

Ryder, Thomas B. and Sillett, T. Scott. Climate, demography and lek stability in an Amazonian bird, Proc.R.Soc.B, 283 (1823) 20152314. 2016.

Peele, Ashley M., Marra, Peter M., Sillett, T. Scott and Sherry, Thomas W. Combining survey methods to estimate abundance and transience of migratory birds among tropical nonbreeding habitats, The Auk, 132 (4) 926-937. 2015.

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