Scott Sillett

Research Scientist / Migratory Bird Center

Research Focus

how events throughout the annual cycle of migratory birds are interconnected and how multiple mechanisms, both natural and human-related, operate to limit and regulate these bird populations.

Most Recent Publications

Zipkin, Elise F., Sillett, T. Scott, Grant, Evan H. Campbell, Chandler, Richard B. and Royle, J. Andrew. Inferences about population dynamics from count data using multistate models: a comparison to capture–recapture approaches, Ecology and Evolution, 4 (4) 417-426. 2014.

Caldwell, Luke, Bakker, Victoria J., Sillett, T. S., Desrosiers, Michelle A., Morrison, Scott A. and Angeloni, Lisa M. Reproductive Ecology of the Island Scrub-Jay (EcologĂ­a Reproductiva de Aphelocoma insularis), The Condor, 115 (3) 603-613. 2013.

Hallworth, Michael T., Studds, Colin E., Sillett, T. Scott and Marra, Peter P. Do archival light-level geolocators and stable hydrogen isotopes provide comparable estimates of breeding-ground origin?, The Auk, 130 (2) 273-282. 2013.

Robertson, Bruce A., Landis, Douglas A., Sillett, T. Scott, Loomis, Elizabeth R. and Rice, Robert A. Perennial Agroenergy Feedstocks as En Route Habitat for Spring Migratory Birds, BioEnergy Research, 6 (1) 311-320. 2013.

Sofaer, Helen R., Sillett, T. Scott, Peluc, Susana I., Morrison, Scott A. and Ghalambor, Cameron K. Differential effects of food availability and nest predation risk on avian reproductive strategies, Behavioral Ecology, 24 (3) 698-707. 2013.

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