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Justin Calabrese

Research Scientist / Conservation Ecology Center

Research Focus

I am a quantitative ecologist, and I work at the interface of empirical and theoretical ecology. I use statistics, often custom designed, to link mathematical models of the systems I study to data. I then use the results of that linkage—a parameterized model of the focal system—to answer both basic and applied questions. My general approach is to work collaboratively with experts on the particular systems I study to help forge a stronger connection between the theoretical and empirical sides of the problem.

Most Recent Publications

Fleming, Chris H., Fagan, William F., Mueller, Thomas, Olson, Kirk A., Leimgruber, Peter and Calabrese, Justin M. Estimating where and how animals travel: An optimal framework for path reconstruction from autocorrelated tracking data, Ecology, . 2015.

Fleming, C. H., Fagan, W. F., Mueller, T., Olson, Kirk A., Leimgruber, Peter and Calabrese, Justin M. Rigorous home range estimation with movement data: a new autocorrelated kernel density estimator, Ecology, 96 (5) 1182-1188. 2015.

Fleming, Chris H., Suba??, Yi?it and Calabrese, Justin M. Maximum-entropy description of animal movement, Physical Review E, 91 (3) -. 2015.

Teitelbaum, Claire S., Fagan, William F., Fleming, Chris H., Dressler, Gunnar, Calabrese, Justin M., Leimgruber, Peter and Mueller, Thomas. How far to go? Determinants of migration distance in land mammals, Ecology Letters, 18 (6) 545-552. 2015.

Martínez-García, Ricardo, Calabrese, Justin M., Hernández-García, Emilio and López, Cristóbal. Minimal mechanisms for vegetation patterns in semiarid regions, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 372 (2027) . 2014.

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