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Melissa Songer

Research Scientist / Conservation Ecology Center

Most Recent Publications

Jenks, Kate E., Aikens, Ellen O., Songsasen, Nucharin, Calabrese, Justin, Fleming, Chris, Bhumpakphan, Naris, Wanghongsa, Sawai, Kanchanasaka, Budsabong, Songer, Melissa and Leimgruber, Peter. Comparative movement analysis for a sympatric dhole and golden jackal in a human-dominated landscape, Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, 63 546-554. 2015.

Zhang, Yongjun, Cao, Qing S., Rubenstein, Daniel I., Zang, Sen, Songer, Melissa, Leimgruber, Peter, Chu, Hongjun, Cao, Jie, Li, Kai and Hu, Defu. Water Use Patterns of Sympatric Przewalski's Horse and Khulan: Interspecific Comparison Reveals Niche Differences, PloS One, 10 (7) 1-17. 2015.

Liu, Xuehua, Wang, Tiejun, Wang, Ting, Skidmore, Andrew K. and Songer, Melissa. How do two giant panda populations adapt to their habitats in the Qinling and Qionglai Mountains, China, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 22 (2) 1175-1185. 2015.

Liu, Gang, Xu, Chao-Qun, Cao, Qing, Zimmermann, Waltraut, Songer, Mellisa, Zhao, Sha-Sha, Li, Kai and Hu, De-Fu. Mitochondrial and pedigree analysis in Przewalski's horse populations: implications for genetic management and reintroductions, Mitochondrial DNA, 25 (4) 313-318. 2014.

Liu, Xuehua, Wu, Pengfeng, Songer, Melissa, Cai, Qiong, He, Xiangbo, Zhu, Yun and Shao, Xiaoming. Monitoring wildlife abundance and diversity with infra-red camera traps in Guanyinshan Nature Reserve of Shaanxi Province, China, Ecological Indicators, 33 121-128. 2013.

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