Brian Gratwicke

Research Scientist / Center for Species Survival

Research Focus

Brian Gratwicke is a conservation biologist at the National Zoo, where he leads the Zoo’s amphibian conservation program to confront global amphibian declines.

Most Recent Publications

K√ľng, Denise, Bigler, Laurent, Davis, Leyla R., Gratwicke, Brian, Griffith, Edgardo and Woodhams, Douglas C. Stability of Microbiota Facilitated by Host Immune Regulation: Informing Probiotic Strategies to Manage Amphibian Disease, Plos One, 9 (1) 1-11. 2014.

Dutton, Adam J., Gratwicke, Brian, Hepburn, Cameron, Herrera, Emilio A. and Macdonald, David W. "Tackling unsustainable wildlife trade". In: Macdonald, David W. and Willis, Katherine J., Key Topics in Conservation Biology 2, pp. 74-91. 2013.

Terrell, Kimberly A., Quintero, Richard P., Murray, Suzan, Kleopfer, John D., Murphy, James B., Evans, Matthew J., Nissen, Bradley D. and Gratwicke, Brian. Cryptic impacts of temperature variability on amphibian immune function, The Journal of Experimental Biology, 216 4204-4211. 2013.

Becker, Matthew H., Harris, Reid N., Minbiole, Kevin P. C., Schwantes, Christian R., Rollins-Smith, Louise, Reinert, Laura K., Brucker, Robert M., Domangue, Rickie J. and Gratwicke, Brian. Towards a Better Understanding of the Use of Probiotics for Preventing Chytridiomycosis in Panamanian Golden Frogs, EcoHealth, 8 (4) 501-506. 2012.

Evans, Matthew J., Gratwicke, Brian and Murphy, James B. New Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project Exhibit at Smithsonian National Zoological Park, Herpetological Review, 43 (2) 208-209. 2012.

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