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Jessica Deichmann

Research Scientist / Center for Conservation and Sustainability

Research Focus

Jessie’s interests lie in tropical amphibian ecology, ecosystem ecology and conservation biology as well as disease ecology and the drivers of amphibian decline in lowland tropical systems. She is currently working as research scientist on the Peruvian Amazon Biodiversity Assessment, Monitoring and Conservation Program (BAMCP) where she will be developing various projects designed to explore ways to mitigate the effects of oil and natural gas exploration and extraction on biodiversity in lowland tropical rainforests.

Most Recent Publications

Gregory, Tremaine, Rueda, Farah Carrasco, Deichmann, Jessica L., Kolowski, Joseph and Alonso, Alfonso. Arboreal camera trapping: Taking a proven method to new heights, Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 5 (5) 443-451. 2014.

Souto, Tamia, Deichmann, Jessica L., Núñez, Cecilia and Alonso, Alfonso. Classifying conservation targets based on the origin of motivation: implications over the success of community-based conservation projects, Biodiversity and Conservation, 23 (5) 1331-1337. 2014.

Deichmann, Jessica L. and Alonso, Alfonso. Finding Best Practices for Fossil Fuel Extraction, Science, 342 (6164) 1316-1317. 2013.

Deichmann, Jessica L., Higgins, M. A., Linares-Palomino, R., Carrasco Rueda, F., Costa Faura, M., Dallmeier, Francisco and Alonso, Alfonso. "Identifying and Avoiding Sensitive Habitats in Petroleum Operations". In: , SPE Latin American and Caribbean Health, Safety, Social Responsibility, and Environment Conference, Jun 26 - 27, 2013 2013, Lima, Peru, pp. 1-10. 2013.

Gregory, Tremaine, Carrasco Rueda, Farah, Deichmann, Jessica L., Kolowski, Joseph, Costa Faura, Marcel, Dallmeier, Francisco and Alonso, Alfonso. Methods To Establish Canopy Bridges To Increase Natural Connectivity in Linear Infrastructure Development. Society of Petroleum Engineers. 2013.

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