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Hadrien Vanthomme

Research Scientist / Center for Conservation and Sustainability

Research Focus

Dr. Hadrien Vanthomme is a conservation biologist and tropical forest ecologist. His main focus is on the impacts of human activities on tropical biodiversity and ecosystems. He is currently coordinating a study on the impacts of roads on biodiversity, connectivity, and ecosystem services in the Gamba Complex of Protected Areas in Gabon, in a mosaic of savannas, forest and wetlands. Previously, Hadrien engaged in studies in the tropical forests and wetlands of Gabon, Central African Republic, and Republic of Congo. For his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, he compared parasites of wild and released free-ranging apes; his master’s thesis explored the hybridization of wild and domestic European cats with genetic tools; and his doctoral research focused on sustainability of hunting in a mixed Bantu and Aka village of Central African Republic.