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Francisco Dallmeier

Center Head / Center for Conservation Education and Sustainability

Research Focus

Francisco has initiated and managed a number of national and international biodiversity surveys and impact assessments.

Most Recent Publications

Alonso, Alfonso, Dallmeier, Francisco, Korte, Lisa and Vanthomme, Hadrien. The Gabon Biodiversity Program: A Conservation Research Collaboration, Africa Today, 61 (1) 3-15. 2014.

Eggert, L. S., Buij, R., Lee, M. E., Campbell, P., Dallmeier, F., Fleischer, Robert C., Alonso, A. and Maldonado, J. E. Using Genetic Profiles of African Forest Elephants to Infer Population Structure, Movements, and Habitat Use in a Conservation and Development Landscape in Gabon, Conservation Biology, 28 (1) 107-118. 2014.

Langstroth, Robert, Dallmeier, Francisco, Casaretto, Carolina and Servat, Grace P. "Megaproject des Ecológicas del Paisaje en los Valles Orientales, los Altos Andes y la Cuenca del Pacífico del Megaproyecto de PERU LNG". In: Alonso, Alfonso, Dallmeier, Francisco and Servat, Grace P., Monitoreo de Biodiversidad: Lecciones de un Megaproyecto Transandino, pp. 220–231. 2014.

Dallmeier, Francisco. "Introduction". In: Dallmeier, Francisco, Fenech, Adam, MacIver, Don and Szaro, Robert, Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainability in the Americas: impacts and Adaptations, pp. 1–8. 2013.

Dallmeier, Francisco and Alonso, Alfonso. "Preface". In: Alonso, Alfonso, Dallmeier, Francisco and Servat, Grace P., Monitoring Biodiversity: Lessons from a Trans-Andean Megaproject, pp. xix–xxii. 2013.

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