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Francisco Dallmeier

Center Head / Center for Conservation and Sustainability

Research Focus

Francisco has initiated and managed a number of national and international biodiversity surveys and impact assessments.

Most Recent Publications

Anthony, Nicola M., Atteke, Christiane, Bruford, Michael W., Dallmeier, Francisco, Freedman, Adam, Hardy, Olivier, Ibrahim, Brama, Jeffery, Kathryn J., Johnson, Mireille, Lahm, Sally A., Lepengue, Nicaise, Lowenstein, Jacob H., Maisels, Fiona, Mboumba, Jean-François, Mickala, Patrick, Morgan, Katy, Ntie, Stephan, Smith, Thomas B., Sullivan, John P., Verheyen, Erik and Gonder, Mary K. Evolution and Conservation of Central African Biodiversity: Priorities for Future Research and Education in the Congo Basin and Gulf of Guinea, Biotropica, 47 (1) 6-17. 2015.

Alonso, Alfonso, Dallmeier, Francisco, Korte, Lisa and Vanthomme, Hadrien. The Gabon Biodiversity Program: A Conservation Research Collaboration, Africa Today, 61 (1) 3-15. 2014.

Eggert, L. S., Buij, R., Lee, M. E., Campbell, P., Dallmeier, Francisco, Fleischer, Robert C., Alonso, Alfonso and Maldonado, Jesús E. Using Genetic Profiles of African Forest Elephants to Infer Population Structure, Movements, and Habitat Use in a Conservation and Development Landscape in Gabon, Conservation Biology, 28 (1) 107-118. 2014.

Langstroth, Robert, Dallmeier, Francisco, Casaretto, Carolina and Servat, Grace P. "Megaproject des Ecológicas del Paisaje en los Valles Orientales, los Altos Andes y la Cuenca del Pacífico del Megaproyecto de PERU LNG". In: Alonso, Alfonso, Dallmeier, Francisco and Servat, Grace P., Monitoreo de Biodiversidad: Lecciones de un Megaproyecto Transandino, pp. 220–231. 2014.

Dallmeier, Francisco. "Introduction". In: Dallmeier, Francisco, Fenech, Adam, MacIver, Don and Szaro, Robert, Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainability in the Americas: impacts and Adaptations, pp. 1–8. 2013.

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