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Loren Sackett

Postdoctoral Fellow / Center for Conservation Genomics

Most Recent Publications

Castellanos-Morales, Gabriela, Ortega, Jorge, Castillo-Gámez, Reyna A., Sackett, Loren C. and Eguiarte, Luis E. Genetic Variation and Structure in Contrasting Geographic Distributions: Widespread Versus Restricted Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs (Subgenus Cynomys), Journal of Heredity, 106 478-490. 2015.

Sackett, Loren C., Seglund, Amy, Guralnick, Robert P., Mazzella, Maxwell N., Wagner, David M., Busch, Joseph D. and Martin, Andrew P. Evidence for two subspecies of Gunnison’s prairie dogs (Cynomys gunnisoni), and the general importance of the subspecies concept, Biological Conservation, 174 1-11. 2014.

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